About CyberMarket

CyberMarket is an innovative service launched by G-cyber Technologies, a professional web and ICT business enterprise duly registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (BN 2453653).

CyberMarket is a general marketplace which has an outstanding escrow service and other innovative features aimed at securing the interest of both buyers and sellers.

CyberMarket can be used for all manner of trades from digital products, to household items, lucrative services, e-commerce payments and anything tradable. Our insignificant escrow fees can be swallowed by either the buyer or seller, or even shared between both parties.

Good news for buyers, you can now get your desired items specs delivered or get a refund without stories. Your interest is now a mega priority on CyberMarket. No seller can toy with you anymore.

You can comfortably carry out those transactions and payments that usually instill fear in you. You can now make your online purchase with full confidence.

Good news for sellers, CyberMarket escrow service is the solution to high rate of abandoned orders. CyberMarket escrow service is the only way to eliminate the risks of pay/cash on delivery. Once we receive payment, you’ll automatically be notified to go ahead and fulfill the order with a 100% assurance that you’ll be credited once there is a proof of delivery.

You’ll definitely enjoy smooth sales, high conversion rate, guaranteed upfront commitment from buyers and low logistics cost by partnering with CyberMarket.

Good news to freelancers, CyberMarket is the best place to get credited handsomely for rendering your services and utilizing your skills. No delay in payment after completing the required task(s).

Good news to employers, bye bye to poor quality job performance, we are here to ensure the best services from professional freelancers at subsidized rates.

Our modernized dispute resolution system is properly setup to ensure disputes are resolved swiftly and in fairness to all parties.

Promoters are also welcome as we have integrated affiliate system for a reasonable commission pay for promoting Cybermarket platform or product and services items to your audience.

Together, we work to build trust and enjoy scam-free transactions. Join us in this cause of eliminating online trading barriers.