Introducing – Sell Anything, Buy Safely


A brand new wave of confidence has surfaced the realm of e-commerce due to the inception of a trust-enhacing marketplace introduced by G-Cyber Technologies in partnership with Oba Hosting limited, Paystack, Whogohost and more to come.

After diagnosing the challenges faced by Nigerians in the course of buying and selling online, G-cyber Technologies team decided to initiate an extensive marketplace that will lift several online trading barriers.

As an ecommerce retailer, your success relies heavily on the online marketplace you choose to do business in.

Your marketplace determines your audience, your reach and most importantly, your conversion rate. Hence; the reason behind the introduction of

CyberMarket is a general marketplace which has an outstanding escrow service and other innovative features aimed at securing the interest of both buyers and sellers.

CyberMarket can be used for all manner of trades from digital products, to household items, lucrative services, e-commerce payments and anything tradable. Our insignificant escrow fees can be swallowed by either the buyer or seller, or even shared between both parties.

As a buyer, you can now make your online purchase with full confidence. Get your desired items specs delivered or get a refund without stories.

As a seller, CyberMarket escrow service is the solution to high rate of abandoned orders. CyberMarket escrow service is the only way to eliminate the risks of pay/cash on delivery. Once we receive payment, you’ll automatically be notified to go ahead and fulfil the order with a 100% assurance that you’ll be credited once there is a proof of delivery.

If you wish to take your online & offline business to a greater height, kindly hurry up and sign up on . Registration is totally free! Register and display your product(s) and services, then watch the magic.

August 3, 2019